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Have you ever traveled down under to Australia?

Written by Lindsay Emery

Sydney Harbour Bridge in background with Opera House in front
Sydney, Australia

G’day mate! Can you think of a more exciting destination than Australia? From the Great Barrier Reef, to Perth, to Tasmania, and to the Outback; Australia is so much more than just Kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee. So come along and let us show you some of the amazing things that Australia has to offer and click here if you would like to start planning your own trip to Australia!

Visit Perth to see the adorable Quokkas


Australia's urban oasis of Perth is nestled within the vast nature of Western Australia – and that's why the locals love it! Here, not only can you relax on the serene white-sand beaches, but you can immerse yourself in the bustling art galleries, historic neighborhoods and epic events. And of course, see the Quokkas!

Queensland Australia skyline and beach

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast's star attraction is its beaches, including the world-renowned stretch of sand at Surfers Paradise. Beyond the beaches, discover laid-back neighbourhoods, a booming culinary scene and the Gold Coast's famous theme parks. And be sure to leave enough time for a trip into the subtropical hinterland for rainforest walks and waterfalls.


Sydney is of course famous for the Syndey Harbour Bridge and Opera House, but there is so much more that is constantly evolving. Hip rooftop bars, theater shows, designer shops, and the urban excitement is perfectly balanced by afternoons spent lying on the sand. It also makes for the perfect base for day trips and weekends away on your vacation.

Sydney Opera House at dusk

Where do you want to explore to?

Now, when it comes to planning a trip to Australia, you have to consider what type of vacation do you want to have?A relaxed beach vacation? An adventure in the Outback? Exploring more exotic locations that aren’t as well known? Australia has so much to offer and experience, so you will not want to miss out on all the things this welcoming destination has to offer. And if you want to take an adventure elsewhere, we can make that happen too! Our travel advisors at Castle Explorers specialize in destinations all over the world. Click here to be paired with the perfect travel advisor for your vacation needs.

Get to know Castle Explorers

Castle Explorers is a full-service travel agency offering customized magical vacation experiences for your family. We strive to help families spend more time together, while exploring the world, and creating memories.

Our travel advisors specialize in travel destinations all around the world. We know that planning these types of vacations can be overwhelming, whether it is your first or your tenth time visiting. That’s why our travel advisors stay up to date with destination information, to become your explorer planning tour guide, and allow you to sit back and look forward to your trip.

We can’t wait to help you plan your family’s next adventure!


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