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Journey of Water Hidden Items at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT

Journey of Water Inspired by Moana

In the heart of the enchanting Disney World, where magic and wonder converge, there exists a hidden gem that invites visitors to embark on a mesmerizing adventure—the Journey of Water. Nestled within the Epcot theme park, this aquatic attraction seamlessly blends entertainment with education.

Disney World's Journey of Water is more than just an attraction; it's a celebration of the beauty and significance of water in our world. The best part about this attraction is that it is perfect for all ages! Take a break in your day at Epcot and explore what this attraction has to offer.

SPOILER WARNING: If you prefer to be surprised by all of the cool hidden nods to Disney's Moana movie then skip this next part. Most of the "hidden" items are strategetically built into the attraction but none the less they are fun to find and acknowledge while you walk through the Journey of Water.

Te Fiti

Te Fiti sculpture

Right next to the "Rain" sign you will find Te Fiti in the rocks, depending on the mist coming from the display at the time this can be difficult to see and photograph.

Maui's Tattoo

Maui Tattoo Journey of Water

At the stream you can find Maui's Tattoo holding the hook in the rocks.

Hei Hei

Hei Hei Journey of Water

Hei Hei can be found right before you have to choose dry path or wet path.


Pua Journey of Water

In the spring section you can find Pua built right into a bench.


Moana's Boat Journey of Water

Next in the land section you can find Moana’s boat and another boat as they travel over a wave.

Grandma Tala

Grandma Tala Stingray Journey of Water

At the waterfall you can find Grandma Tala in stingray form.

Maui's Hook

Maui Hook Journey of Water

Maui's hook is built into the side of the rocks in the river section.

Baby Moana

Baby Moana Journey of Water

Baby Moana can be seen in the waterfall near the ocean section.


Tamatoa Journey of Water

Also in the ocean section you can find Tamatoa built into the path near the smaller interactive parts.


Kakamora Journey of Water

Turn around and you'll find the Kakamora carved into the side of the wall but watch where you step near the Kakamora!

Heart of Te Fiti

Heart of Te Fiti Journey of Water

Below the giant sculpture of Te Fiti you will find the Heart of Te Fiti as a small waterfall.


Moana Journey of Water

Moana is built into the wall near the jump water feature.

Sea Turtles

In the group interactive section you can find a few sea turtles built into the left wall.


Fish Journey of Water

In this same section under the water spraying towards the sky you can find a fish.

Moana's Seashell

Moana's Seashell Journey of Water

Right before you leave the attraction you can find Moana's seashell on top of the chief rocks.

Journey of Water Map

Journey of water can be found right across from The Seas with Nemo and Friends towards the front of the park.

We loved this attraction and it was a great break in the day of standing in lines, take your time with this one and enjoy all that it has to offer. Let us know if you find anything else while on your trek through the Journey of Water.

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