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We are Castle Explorers

We are excited to meet you all!! We are Lindsay and Kim, the duo behind Castle Explorers. The love of traveling and helping families travel is what brought the two of us together. Our friendship grew so quickly that we now consider each other family. After working in the travel industry for over 2 years, we both had a passion for creating an agency where we could take care of clients the way they deserved. You should spend your time focusing on the excitement and memories about the be created and not stressing over finding the best resort and or destination. It was so important to us to build a place where families of all types could feel at home.

Adventure is waiting... and so are we! We just can't wait to book your next trip for you. Check out our free quote form and fill out a quick travel questionnaire so that we can begin helping you plan that next dream vacation.

We can't wait to welcome all of you to the Castle Explorer Family!

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