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Planning A Universal Studios Orlando Vacation

Free Universal Studios Travel Agent

Have you been thinking about a Universal Orlando vacation to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Did you start googling all the things and then get overwhelmed about all the decisions you need to make? Where to stay? How long to stay? Single park tickets or park to park? How to get early entry into the parks? How much is parking? How do I get there from the airport? Where should I eat? Do I need Express Passes? What are Express Passes?!

If you’re looking at all those questions that you might have googled or not even considered yet and are feeling overwhelmed – you are not alone and we are here to help! Let’s go over why we recommend all Universal Orlando Vacation planning families use a Castle Explorers travel advisor!


Benefits to Booking with a Castle Explorers Travel Advisor

  1. We Save You Time!

Did you know that planning your Universal Orlando Vacation would entail so many planning details? Remember all those questions from above? How much time do you think it would take you to research all the options to answer those questions? Instead of even thinking about that, you could let me answer all your questions and help you decide! Plus, the system to book a Universal vacation is not intuitive at all!

  1. We Are Universal Experts!

To sell Universal Vacations, Castle Explorers Travel Advisors must complete a training course through Universal Partners and must be re-certified each year. With so many resorts to choose from, you shouldn’t be expected to research them all, we know the details of each one! We also travel to Universal theme parks often. You should consider always asking your travel advisor when the last time they visited the parks was, so you can be sure they are up to date on what is happening.

  1. We Save You Money!

It’s a common misconception that if you book your Universal Vacation through a travel advisor, that you will need to pay them a fee, which will in turn make your vacation package more expensive. That is simply, not true. The price you will pay for your Universal vacation package is the same price if you book it with me that it would cost if you booked it yourself.


Then how can a travel advisor save you money? Great question!

Universal often releases discounts on vacation packages throughout the year. If the discount is one that could be applied to your vacation package, your Castle Explorers travel advisor will work with Universal to make that change for you! You do absolutely nothing, except wait to hear how much money you will be saving! When you book through a Castle Explorers travel advisor, they make sure that you are always getting the best package price on your Universal vacation!

  1. We Are Your Universal Bestie!

We really do become your Universal bestie. You can ask your travel advisor any and every question you have about your Universal trip. No need to waste your time on google when you have us! Especially if you want to know where all the Wizarding World of Harry Potter must dos!

  1. We’ve Got Your Back!

Some things are beyond our control, like the weather delaying your flight and not being able to arrive to your resort until the next day. That might mean you will also miss one of your dining reservations. Your Castle Explorers travel advisor is there to help you! They will take care of working with Universal Guest Services to shift your reservations, so you don’t have to!

How does the booking process work with Castle Explorers?

When you are ready to get booked, we put down a refundable deposit on the vacation and then the balance is due 45 days before checking in. This is for packages only. You can make payments anytime you would like, as often, and for any amount you want. We also can make any changes that you’d like to the reservation after we book without penalties. This includes applying any discounts that are released! If you need to cancel your vacation after we book you, you can also do that penalty free if you do it prior to the final payment.

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